Three Reasons to Include Sex Toys in Our Sex Life


In life, we have to be prepared for everything. Even though countries in South East Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia still frowns upon sex toys, many of their population own at least one. The sex culture in Asia is pretty backward because of its conservative nature, which regarded sex as something taboo rather than something natural, so when you hear someone opens up a sex toy shop in Malaysia, you best believe that there will trolls coming out of their woodwork to berate and protest such business, even though they have sexual needs themselves.

Sex toys aren’t just for lonely people. The toys are explicitly designed to increase intimacy and pleasure during sexual intercourse, and they can help couples regain their sexual intimacy with some toy action. Believe us when we say there’s nothing better than seeing your partner reaching orgasm. So, here are several reasons you should include sex toys in your sex life:

It Can Help Women Orgasm Faster


Women have it rough when it comes to reaching climax. They are biologically made different than men, and often times the session ended abruptly for them even though they haven’t reached orgasm yet. Including sex toys in your sex life can heighten the pleasure that women require to achieve sexual climax. The manufacturers specifically design some sex toys to find and stimulate the G-spot that is hidden deep within their vagina; hence, we recommend you use the suitable sex toy to make your beautiful wife, girlfriend, or partner go sky high.

It Can Make Foreplay More Enjoyable

Some couples skip foreplay activities even though it stimulates the minds and nerves in preparation for sex. Women also need the right kind of stimulation on their clitoris and nipples to get the vagina walls to loosen up, so penetration can be a lot easier; thus, it won’t be painful for them. Likewise, some men have claimed that going down on their wife is a drag because they can’t seem to find the right spot; still, with the help of specially made sex toys, turning your beautiful female companion on might not be so hard after all, and there’s nothing better than seeing them hustling in bed and hearing them moaning in pleasure.

It Adds to the Excitement

Sex Toys

There are couples who had not had sex in months, which kind of sucks for both sides. Now there might be some problems within the relationship, but one thing for sure, having regular sex can improve a relationship; besides, discussing sex toys can open up to sex being on the menu again, and communicating your sexual needs and pleasure is key to help your partner fulfill them. In addition, sex toys can add to the excitement and break the monotonous gloom that’s cast upon your relationship.

The Takeaway

Sex toys aren’t just made for lonely people; they are designed to heighten couples’ sexual pleasure and intimacy, too; even married couples use them from time to time. Anal plugs, vibrators, dildo, pocket pussy, whips, paddles, scented candles, nipple clamps, blindfolds, handcuffs, electric stimulators, you name it, there’s always a sex toy to fulfill your wildest desire!