Escort agencies should offer high-class safe sex services to all its clients. The difference between a good escort agency and a poor one is how safe the sex offered is. Escorts in your agency should be trained to on how to offer safe sex services. The very first aspect of safe sex is the use of condoms. Escorts should be trained to use condoms for oral, anal or vaginal sex. Availability of condoms for use is not just enough, the escorts should be aware of how and when to use the condom as they offer the sex service. An agency should ensure their sex escorts are well trained in both aspects as they deliver services to clients. An agency must be very strict with their rules on safe sex; sometimes clients may call requesting for oral sex service without protection. If it is a no for sex without protection, then it should be a strong NO.

Consider the following

French kissing

coupleMost escorts like the French kissing and consider it an important part of safe sex as it makes one get the wife or girlfriend feeling. When your teeth are not clean, you have the smell of cigarettes or coffee, with an unmade bed, stains on your shirt and even untreated mouth sores, this will put off the escorts, and they will not want to kiss you. They will refrain from kissing you fearing for their health.

Dry humping

It is very fun rubbing your naked bodies against each other. However, taking your genitals very close to those of the escorts might make her uneasy. She does not know that you are a gentleman not to trick and slide in her pussy without a condom. If you feel it is time to penetrate, please put on a condom, don’t push her because you will spoil her good mood.

Fingers everywhere

Moving fingers and arousing each other is hot and sexy. Escorts will have made sure that their nails are well manicured, the question is what is the condition of yours is? Hooks of your nails can spoil her expensive stocking and hurt her vagina. Dirty fingers are even worst. You should wash your hands after visiting washrooms or even after switching from vaginal to anal sex. Otherwise, your escort will be very uncomfortable.

The ultimate offense

condomNever force anything if escorts say no to any service you request. It does not have to call for negotiations just accept what she is saying. Do not even think of offering her extra cash for the service she said no. This is what is called the ultimate offense. This is the worst you can do to hurt your escort. If you want to give her extra cash, do so because of the fun and fantastic services she has offered not because you want her to do something she said no.