How to Get the Best Sexual Experience with Your Lover


Both you and your partner deserve the best that sex has to offer. Enhancing sex experience requires both parties to take part in the process. With some tricks and tips, any couple can spice up their bedroom performance and experience some of their best love-making moments. Here is a list of things to consider if you want to improve your sex experience.

Learn Your Partner’s Fantasies

sexThe first step to making anything better is by identifying alternatives. When you know the things your partner desires, it is easy to give yourself in a manner that will leave them satisfied. Some people shy away from letting their lovers know their fantasies. However, confidently elaborating your wishes to your partner is enough to make them want to offer more and improve your sex experience.

Try Role-Playing

Role-playing is an efficient way to make sex more enjoyable. Having each other dress up according to the other’s fetishes is an excellent way to break the couples’ monotonous sex encounters. Ensure that you agree with your partner before doing any of these things to avoid inconveniences. Numerous sex-related stores are selling dress-up costumes if you are wondering where to get them. Apart from role-playing, feel free to ask your partner to try new things such as BDSM.

Include Sex Toys

handcuffSex toys are popular because of how effective and convenient they are. When you use the appropriate, sex toys can significantly improve your bedroom experience. Most people are shy to implement some ideas, limiting them from getting the most out of their sexual encounters. For instance, some women like having sex with a buttplug inserted or simultaneously using a vibrator on the clitoris.

These are some of the popular ways women use their sex toys to have a more intense sexual experience.

Always Include Oral Sex

Oral sex is enough to make a man or woman orgasm as long as the one giving it knows what they are doing. Many couples do not include oral sex and end up missing a lot. When you need to take a break from stroking and riding, giving and receiving oral sex comes in handy and makes the entire process more pleasurable.

Have Peace of Mind

One mistake people make is engaging in sexual activity when they are not mentally ready. Preparing your mind and being in the mood for the action is a significant factor in determining the experience and outcomes.