Wildest Sexual Fantasies to Try With Your Partner ASAP


Have you ever fantasized about engaging in sexual activity with a stunning stranger? What if your boyfriend forces you into bed and dominates you carelessly? These are only a few examples of the erotic mental imagery that both men and women are prone to conjure. Since men are born with a sexual nature, having sexual fantasies is rather common and not something to be ashamed of. Contrary to popular belief, it is a phenomenon that affects both men and women and is most prevalent after puberty. Discover the most outrageous sexual dreams that both men and women have here.

Exhibitionism or Voyeurism

Exhibitionism and voyeurism are sexual fantasies that either involve exposing yourself in public or watching someone else do so. Consent is essential to every sexual experience, even if many of our connections with exhibitionism are unpleasant (think: nude flashers). But of course, be cautious when and how you include exhibitionism or voyeurism into your sexual life because this particular dream is technically prohibited. If exhibitionism is your kink, suggest going to a swinger’s club or party with your partner. Despite the supervised environment, you are free to indulge in your exhibitionist desires without worrying about getting in trouble or looking silly (or just watch, if that’s more your style).



Although society has advanced significantly, the idea of fixed gender roles—even in the bedroom—seems to have persisted. Because of this, it’s still considered forbidden to have gender-bending sexual fantasies, in which you pretend to be someone else or “act” a different gender than the one you usually present as. However, gender-bending in the bedroom may undoubtedly liven things up and give you and your spouse a chance to defy social norms. Additionally, it may enable you to communicate with your spouse on a deeper level.


Do you ever fantasize about sex with a character from your favorite video game, book, movie, TV program, or anime while dressed as them? Another option is to have your lover dress up as the character you’ve always wanted to have a sexual encounter with. The ability to live out your sexual dreams in a distinctive, real-action setting in the bedroom through cosplay can be novel and thrilling for both parties.

Consensual Forced Sex

Studies show that being raped and coerced into sex is the next most desirable sexual dream for women after submission. Being engrossed in her imagination offers a woman a unique sensation because imagination is unrestricted and free. It lets her experience the hot, dirty, ferocious, vigorous, and passionate sex she secretly yearns for. Since everything takes place exactly as she wishes, no matter how painful or powerful the penetration could be, she never suffers any harm because it is all happening in her head. Although she attempts to argue with herself, she is actually giddy with pleasure. Men will pursue an elusive woman and offer her the most intense sex she can handle. If you’re ready to make your desire a reality, talk to your lover. Both consent and confidence in your partner are crucial. Your fantasies are probably far more frequent than you realize, so don’t be afraid of them.

Although hearing “no” after exposing these weaknesses to your spouse may seem like rejection, it won’t alter their opinion of you. Allow the communication you had to draw you closer together without pressuring them to do something they are uncomfortable with.